Conscious purpose – reading the newspaper

conscious purpose

… the daily grasp for the newspaper … the conscious purpose …

Step 1 – The Spark

I should not read newspapers. It scares me, it makes me angry. I does not feel good. I want me to feel good.

Step 2 – Experiencing and learning

I don’t read newspapers anymore. No one should. I stop reading newspapers and make a mark with it. (More or less) Everybody has to know it.

(Optional: step 2,5: my comb is not my comb, my life is not my life … nothing is real …instead of reading newspapers I am practicing angel cartomancy every day)

Step 3 – the conscious purpose

Myself – I read no newspapers, I am fine. My mind, my ego does, I want my ego to do it. It gets to play. Myself – I am aware of it … aware, that this is a game … Myself – I am neutral.

Step 4 – Neutral and conscious

It is … like it is.

… take it „seriously“? It depends on you 😉 … it starts inside of you 🙂

conscious purpose

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