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My name is Wolfgang Maranius Lugmayr

I am Teacher for Meditation/Mindfulness, Transformational Healing Practitioner and Spiritual Guide.


New Zealand

2 Weeks, 2 Retreats – Come with us to New Zealand – December 2018


After many years in the area of IT counsultancy, Project Management and Coaching, I found my personal dharma in accompanying people on their way to their personal well-beeing and one step beyond, to their inner self … their personal shambhala.

My way of support and accompany uses/follows no single rule, tool or religion, it is intuitive, universal and ethical – it is a mixture of meditation techniques (active/passive/guided) and human energy healing practices (Tonglen, Chakra sound/breathing, Reiki, Prana healing, Body Scan). In addition I use channeling techniques to support exploring the personal „inner path“, the inner tasks and abilites.

I also draw on experiences I made during my time (several months) working as station assistant in a hospital in Vienna and as paramedic in the Austrian army.

I offer group meditations, workshops, retreats, sharings, satsangs, trainings and impulse talks, along with single sessions (e.g. healing meditation, intuitive human energy practitioning) in the languages german, english and both simultaneously (connected by the language of love) – also together with my wife Michaela Ejana – who is crystal healing practitioner and meditation teacher.

Download the presentation: here (pictures reduced in quality)

What is possible?

The answer could be a long list, or it is just one sentence : Whatever YOU want, whatever your SELF wants … The key is to find out what YOU want (not an “outer self“, an „ego) …

Start to be the explorer of your SELF. Dig through all the layers, raised from your ego over the years based on outside experiences. Break up the prototypes and roles, you possibly call „life“. Discover yourself. Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness practices, Permanent introspection, Mindful nutrition and Spiritual practice will accompany you on your way. Be invited … let me show you new ways into SELF-confidence and a fulfilled life.



… in connection with heart love.



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