Living Library

Photo-Source: Unsplash/Josh Felise

I love this idea of the „human libraries“ – it is so close to this ancient wisdom of the „living words“, the oral lores of knowledge – from generation to generation – before it lost a lot of it’s energy – for the here and now – when written down.

I also offer my experiences and knowledge as a „living library“ – via Skype (or in person, if nearby – my home base is Austria)

Ask what YOU want to ask (in german and english), in return you get the answers – in living words!

Possible chapters (as example):

  1. Meditation (techniques and doing)
  2. How to be Mindful?
  3. Ways to more well-beeing
  4. Personal consciousness and mindfulness in daily life
  5. Illness prevention
  6. How to BE – here and now
  7. To accept and let loose the Ego
  8. To accept and let loose emotions like fear, envy, jelousy
  9. … and on …

Appreciation contribution: EUR 35,–/hour

Questions, more details, booking: and +43 699 1 920 15 88

Hand drawn Om symbol

Looking forward to YOU!

Wolfgang Maranius Lugmayr