Sangha in this context stands for a community of people to mindfully exchange their views and experiences – not like a „teacher/student-relationship“, but on „eye-level“.


Sangha of Consciousness – This is a worldwide platform for all (conscious, meditative and mindful) people – to share ideas, views, thoughts with others.

The Link to the Facebook-Group – „Sangha of Consciousness“ – click here: The Facebook Group

Let us share our experiences from meditation, yoga, mindfulness – a conscious life …

This group gives yTransformational Healingou also the possibility to mindfully share your events (retreats, webinars, group meditations, …) to live meditation, mindfulness and consciousness together.

The energy you share shall be returned.

Worldspirit – on an ethical basis. This group follows no single religion. It is universal.

There are no group rules – just BE mindful and conscious. The group language is primarily love. You are invited to use other languages to help us understand your views, sharing, thoughts. I will use English.

You are cordially invited – Looking forward to YOU!


Wolfgang Maranius